Personal stylistPersonal shopper, a word most people think should be only included in the circles of the rich and famous. 

Not anymore! A personal shopper is now becoming a word on the lips of every day women and men.

With people becoming more and more aware of the advantages of using the services of a personal shopper, it is fast becoming the “it” thing to do, as well as being OK to do so!

To hire a personal shopper is an easy task, there are an increasing number of personal shoppers advertising through their Internet site, a quick Google search will give you many to choose from. Once you select a stylist to work with, your stylist will get to know you, what your needs are and what your desired outcome is, this is done by either a short consultation and questionnaire or both.

She will either work with your wardrobe first or if that’s not requested, she will set up a shopping appointment.

Shopping should not be just about making purchases, it should be a very comprehensive learning experience where you will be taught about your body shape and how best to enhance it.

What colours suit your complexion and what not to wear should be discussed and why things are not working for you.

The objective of a personal shopper should be that after the two or three hours spent shopping, you will have a better idea on what style you should be wearing.

The idea with styling is to enhance your positive features. When this is achieved it can have a huge positive affect to a persons self esteem and confidence.

The way we dress has a large impact on the way we relate in all situations with other people, so it is important that you get guidance from a professional if you feel it is not working.

A personal shopper is now affordable, people of all ages use this service to enhance their look and their lives.

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