Our personal shopper service is the most popular of all our services and helps people with a variety of problems, for example:

  • Not knowing where to shop for their age and style.
  • Get frustrated and stressed when shopping.
  • Have the feeling of overwhelm in shopping centres.
  • Don’t know what to buy that suits their body shape.
  • Spend too much on items they don’t wear.
  • Make fashion mistakes.
  • Don’t know how to put things together.
  • Buy on a whim.
  • Buy what shop assistance say looks good on them.
  • Have a budget and need to make the most of it.
  • Caught in a style rut.
  • Just want to look good and feel great.
  • Want to look amazing for a special occasion.
  • Need to look the part in their career.
  • Time poor.

If you can relate to any of these then you will find our personal shopper experience a breath of fresh air that you had wished you discovered years ago.

Because our team are all trained certified personal stylists you get more than just a personal shopper experience, you will receive personal style advice, how to dress for your body shape and colouring and more.

We are not aligned or take commission from any stores or labels so no pressure is put on you to purchase anything, we only take you to stores that we know will suit your personality, body shape, lifestyle, age and budget

The benefits you will get from our Personal Shopper Service are:

  • Feel attractive and confidant knowing you look appropriate for your age and in a style that you feel represents your true self?
  • Frustration and stress will be a thing of the past, look out, you may even turn into a shopping monster!
  • No more feelings of overwhelm when you know exactly where to shop for you!
  • Feel confidant to walk into any shop and choose clothing that suits your body shape.
  • Your wardrobe will be haven of mix and match items that will give you a variety of looks you never had before.
  • Wasting money from incorrect purchases will be a problem of the past.
  • Never buy on a whim again, only purchase what looks good on you and you love it.
  • Your new found knowledge will prevent you from ever falling prey to a shop assistant again!
  • You’ll have more money in your pocket and more clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Style ruts will be a thing of the past, instead you’ll be appreciated as having great style, don’t be surprised when you are asked for some fashion advice from friends!
  • Everyday you will start on the right foot feeling amazing in what you are wearing.
  • You’ll be turning heads and getting all the compliments at your special occasion.
  • Doors will open that were previously closed in your career?
  • Get your seasonal wardrobe sorted in a matter of hour’s means precious time saved.

At the start of your personal shop you will have a brief consultation over a coffee where you will discuss your requirements, issues, goals, budget and lifestyle.

Depending on what you are after, Cindy or a personal stylist from her team will help you put together outfits that you can blend together that create many options and give you the most value for your money.

During your personal shopping appointment we will teach you what colours and styles best suit your body shape and lifestyle including where best to shop and how to spend less but end up having more to wear.

Our personal shopper service is ideal for special event shopping. If you are after just one special outfit, for example, something for a wedding, then we can assist you with putting together a total outfit that is appropriate for you and the occasion. If you already have accessories that you wish to use then we will help you find a stunning outfit to go with what you already have.

This service is a minimum of two hours, all our stylists are trained to a high level and are very efficient so generally 2 to 3 hours is all that is needed for most wardrobe requirements.

Hi Cindy,

I would like to thank you for yesterday’s shopping trip. It was truly a valuable experience. I hope I wasn’t too much hard work for you!!!!

You will be happy to know that when I got home, I laid all my purchases on the bed and tried them all on again…. I was so excited with the fit and how I looked in all the different items I purchased. (especially the vest and the black dress!)

This experience for me is the beginning of a journey. I am sure that your input yesterday and your styling tips will help me to re-gain the confidence that I once had. I have gone to work today and already feel more confident in the way I look and hold myself. You certainly had an impact on me.

I will definitely take your advice about making sure I spend more time on myself, including my hair!

Cindy, again I would like to thank you for helping me with my personal styling needs. You have given me the motivation to take care of ME!

Kind Regards,


Please Note: A huge bonus shopping with Cindy or any of her team is that she has secured, for her clients, discounts from many stores in the range of 10% to 30%. This results in many of her Clients paying for a large part, or even all the consultation fee just from the savings from these discounts.

This service can also be combined with our wardrobe makeover service, we would first start with your wardrobe and on a separate day (or can be arranged for the same day) head to the shops to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, giving you a complete functional wardrobe that works for you on every occasion.

Cindy understands that everyone’s circumstances are different, if you are confused with what a personal stylist and personal shopper can do to help your own personal issues, or you are feeling a little apprehensive, just give us a call, sometimes a short chat can help make things a bit clearer.

For more information or to book call 0407 851 584 or email.